Live Cinema

Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo/United Kingdom/2015/01:00:00/Scottish Premiere

Guy Sherwin & Lynn Loo have been collaborating on performances of live cinema since 2005. They explore projection as live event using several projectors, often shifting image-size, focus or position during projection. Hand-made and photographed optical sounds (on film) are also mixed live during performance. Sometimes they collaborate with musicians to perform their works – and overall the direction of the work is to bring live 16mm film closer to the condition of music, with its ease of performance and connection between players. Their performances create a clear distinction from the smooth predictability of DV projection and embrace film as material and projection as process – with all the glitchy images and sounds that film produces – the rough edges, the mechanical irregularities, the flare outs.

Works in this programme include:

Man with Mirror. Guy Sherwin 1976/2015. 9 min. Performance for super 8 film and hand-held mirrored screen.

Washi #2 Lynn Loo / Guy Sherwin. 2014. 12 min.Projector performance for 2x 16mm film projectors. This work is inspired by Mary Martin’s “Drawings for Expanding Permutation, 1969”. The film uses various patterns and colours of Washi tape adhered onto 16mm clear film. Multiple black and white film prints are made and presented on two projectors. The sound is produced from printed through lines patterns on the soundtrack side of the film. In addition, photo-resistor microphones are used.

Autumn Fog. Lynn Loo 2010. 12 min. Performance for two 16mm projectors. Silent

Cycles #3. Guy Sherwin 1972/2003. 8 min. Performance for two 16mm projectors with optical sound.


Guy Sherwin
I studied painting before making films, influenced by the radical practice of the London Film-Makers Co-operative (1970s). The work engages with light, motion and sound as fundamental elements of cinema. Recent performances with Singaporean artist Lynn Loo use modified 16mm projectors and optical sound (sounds made from light), sometimes in conjunction with improvised music. These have toured to venues in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia. Solo exhibitions include ‘Movements in Light’, Siobhan Davies Studios, London 2011, and Vitrine, Atopia Gallery, Oslo 2011. In 2012 I was artist curator of ‘Film in Space’, an exhibition of expanded cinema at Camden Arts Centre. LUX London distributes my film works and has published three DVD/book compilations: Optical Sound Films 1971-2007; Messages 2010; Short Film Series 1975-2014. I live in London and support myself through lecturing.

University website:

Lynn Loo
My early films are abstract essays that explore narration through associative qualities of image and sound. Since 2005, the emphasis is on the material of film itself, investigating the relationship of light, time and space, from the initial processes of making the film to the final performance as live multiple-projection. International festivals include: Women Make Waves, Taiwan; Performa 13, New York, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid; AVANT11, Sweden. I have curated programmes for EXiS Film and Video Film Festival, Seoul and Independent Film Show, Naples. Originally from Singapore, I am based in London and work as a conservation specialist at the BFI National Film and TV Archive.

Documentary on the making of four film-works:

Venue: Town Hall, Hawick High Street
Tickets: £4
Screening date: Fri 17 April
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Love at First, Second & Third Sight

Ángela Tröndle & Daniel Domig/Austria/2014/00:23:34/United Kingdom premiere

Love at First, Second & Third Sight is a performance that brings together the work of painter Daniel Domig and vocalist/musician Ángela Tröndle. An experimental and poetic audio visual venture into the unknown abyss of LOVE. Being in this world as lovers is the primordial state of our humane nature and is so misrepresented in our culture today. We hardly look beyond the surface, avoid transcending that first moment of “falling” in love. But it is only on second and third sight that we find true Love, the kind that humbles our existential selves to the ground and lifts us into the sublime in the very same moment. It is a LOVE movie in its most essential sense. The ground of being, the soil from which nature, beasts and men all draw their essence. Our first sight might render visible the skin of our lover, but its the second and third that transforms the cosmos of intimacy into the spiritual realm our souls inhabit.


Ángela Tröndle was born 1983 in Salzburg, Austria. She studied at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts, Graz, and has received several scholarships at the University and from the Austrian government. She lives and works as a singer and composer in Vienna, Austria.

Daniel Domig was Born 1983 in Vancouver, Canada. He studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, from 2001-2006. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

This screening is kindly supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Venue: Town Hall, Hawick High Street
Tickets: £4
Screening date: Sat 18 April
Screening time: