Installations 2016

Fragments #43-44

Gauthier Keyaerts / Belgium / 2014 / 00:35:00 /

We are sorry that due to unavoidable circumstances Gauthier Keyaerts is not with at Alchemy with his Fragments #43-44 this year. We are still showing two of his works as an installation:

Le Cinéaste et l’Inverse

Le Cinéaste et l’Inverse (The Filmmaker and the Reverse) came from a couple of artists’ desire to give shape to the complex feeling of missing, while being 5000 km apart. Belgian filmmaker Jonas Luyckx and Quebec born and based poet Annie Lafleur try to approach absence as the analysis of a phenomenon as common as unbeatable. The criss-cross between the moving image and the poet’s voice takes place in a one and only purpose of reconciliation.

Direction, images and editing: Jonas Luyckx
Texts and voice: Annie Lafleur
After Raimbaut D’Orange “Alors brille la fleur inverse” (c.1130-1170)
Music: Gauthier Keyaerts and Stephan Ink

Boo, Forever

Homage to the American author Richard Brautigan (1935-1984), known – a.o.- for Trout Fishing in America, the Boo, Forever performance takes the shape of an interdisciplinary creation, an “experimental documentary”, evoking more than quoting the man, its oeuvre, and its offbeat universes, somewhere between prose and poetry. You can see here some of the videos used on stage during this one hour-long spectacle and hear some of its poems (all of them being original works by French, Belgian and Canadian poets inspired by Brautigan).

Mise en scène: Gauthier Keyaerts
Images, scenography: Jonas Luyckx
Music, sound design: Gauthier Keyaerts and Stephan Ink
Texts and readings: Vincent Tholomé, Jean-Marc Desgent, Annie Lafleur…


Gauthier Keyaerts is a 46 years old Belgian artist who is keen on social sciences: semiology, anthropology, philosophy… disciplines that make one’s perception particularly sensitive to oneself, others, and society at large. These problematics and questions have always been closely linked to Gauthier’s research in sound, that turns years after years into different disciplines: composition (he released albums on Sub Rosa, Quatermass, Transonic…), performances, installations (L’oeil Sampler, an-ART-Key…), video and photographic essays, and collaborations with artists such as Thomas Israël, Scanner…

This project is kindly supported by:


Old Growth

Grayson Cooke / Australia / 2015 / varied /

“Old Growth” is a work of environmental critique and material enquiry. It consists of three video works, each of which explores different effects of resource extraction or anthropogenic climate change.

“Old Growth” is exhibited courtesy of the artist and Brenda May Gallery, Sydney


Born in New Zealand and based in Australia, Grayson Cooke is an interdisciplinary scholar and media artist, Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University. Grayson has presented media art and live audio-visual performance works in Australia and internationally. He has exhibited and performed in major international festivals such as the Japan Media Arts Festival, NeMaf in Seoul, VIDEOFORMES in France, TIVA in Taipei, and the FILE Festival in Sao Paulo. As a scholar he has published 20+ articles in academic journals. He holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Concordia University in Montreal.


The Terrestrial Sea

Mark Lyken | Emma Dove / Scotland / 2014 / 00:46:46 /

The Cromarty Firth is an inlet of the North Sea in the Highlands of Scotland. It is an important and protected natural habitat of seabirds and marine mammals, yet it is also an essential berth of the Oil and Tourism industries. THE TERRESTRIAL SEA highlights this diverse and ever-changing environment through music and film.

A Cryptic Commission for Sonica.
Supported by Creative Scotland, IOTA, Aberdeen University, Highlands & Islands Enterprise & IMPREC.
Photo by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan.


Emma Dove is a freelance documentary and artist filmmaker. In her work she is interested in exploring relationships to place and the narratives of life that tend to go unnoticed in the general day to day. Emma is fascinated by identity, creativity and the interplay between nature and culture.
Originally from the Black Isle, she studied Film & Media at the University of Stirling. Her graduation film, On Another Note, won Best Factual Programme at the Royal Television Society Scotland Student Awards, 2012. Recent film Mirror Lands, a collaboration with Visual Artist Mark Lyken, won the Award for Creativity at IFFEST Documentary Art Festival, Bucharest, 2014. Emma produces and directs her own films and regularly collaborates with other artists, filmmakers and academics. In 2014, Emma co-founded Glasgow-based production company.

Mark Lyken (1973) is an artist, filmmaker and composer based in Scotland. He creates musical and sound pieces, film, paintings and installations. Recent residency work has explored relationships to place and the complex interactions between nature, industry and culture. He is interested in revealing the musicality of the environment and beauty in the ordinary. Mark regularly collaborates with other artists and specialists from different research fields. Recent film Mirror Lands, a collaboration with artist filmmaker Emma Dove won the Award for Creativity at IFFEST Documentary Art Festival, Bucharest, 2014. In 2014 Lyken and Emma Dove established the Art label, “Soft Error”. Mark is a Cryptic Associate Artist & releases music with Important Records, Time Released Sound and Gamma Proforma.


A Woman’s Work is Never Done

Eliza Bennett / United Kingdom / 2014 / 00:08:17 / Scottish Premiere

The filmmaker stitches into her own hand, using the ‘feminine’ technique of embroidery and applying it to the expression of its opposite. The work aims to highlight the effects of low paid ancillary jobs, such as cleaning, caring and catering, all traditionally considered to be ‘women’s work’.

Thursday 14 April – Sat 16 April : 10.00am – 4.30pm
Sunday 17 April: 12 noon – 3. 00pm


Within her practice, Eliza Bennett explores a range of issues relating to the shifting forms of both individual and social reality. She retains a focus on the elements that drew her to costume design, in the first instance the formation of character through form, texture and colour. These visual signifiers that communicate on a non-verbal level hold great fascination for her. Bennett is consistently inspired by the body that makes contact with the world, encountering the difference between what can be consciously articulated and what must be sensed, and our unstated assumptions about the gestures we individually obey, ignore or misread in an attempt to find meaning and value in life. The gulf that exists between the experience and comprehension of the two is a source of both frustration and fascination for Bennett, perpetuating her desire to translate and record such essentially in-communicable phenomena.


No Place Like …

Kyra Clegg : Su Grierson – Black Tent Video / Scotland / 2015 / looped / World premiere

A five screen installation using text as a primary visual feature with moving image and sound. Based around fluctuating states of home and rooted-ness; exile and exploration.


‘Black Tent Video’ are the two visual artists, Kyra Clegg and Su Grierson. Each has an independent art practice, alongside their collaborative work. Over the past five years they have jointly produced video and sound works related to landscape and place in response to their social engagement with it. Their joint works have been selected for group exhibitions, film festivals and solo exhibitions in Scotland and abroad.


Long Player

Axel Antas / Finland / 2015 / 00:33:00 / Scottish Premiere

Long Player was made as a study in observing separate time frames simultaneously. The camera loops around a built structure in the same landscape during different times of the day and the year.


Axel Antas is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works look critically at the relationship between humans and the natural world. Antas, who uses a combination of photography, site-specific installation, drawing, and film explores the awkwardness and disharmony of man’s failure to connect with his surroundings. Axel Antas (b.1976) is currently artist in residence on Pro Artibus’s three-year residency programme at Villa Snäcksund in Ekenäs Finland. Antas graduated in 2000 with a BFA from Goldsmiths College, in London. He has had solo exhibitions primarily in England and Finland, and taken part in various curated international exhibitions. Antas’s works are in several public collections, including Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Saastamoisen säätiö, Kuopio Art Museum, Helsinki City Art Museum, Houthoff Buruma, The Netherlands and the Zabludowicz collection.

Venue: Peter Scott

Alfonso’s Jaw

Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian (The Bird And The Monkey) / United Kingdom / 2016 / 00:00:00 / World premiere

Inspired by the silver mask worn by a soldier disfigured at 1832’s Siege of Antwerp, Alphonso’s Jaw explores three forms of Modern Identity: the Whole, the Damaged and the Reconstructed.


Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian (aka The Bird And The Monkey) are Scottish Borders based multiple-media artists working with video, music, sculpture, words and photography. They have previously produced three installations for the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival: “Sung To The Crows” (2012), “Orphine” (2014) and “Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold” (2015). In September 2015 a fourth installation, “Tibbie Tamson Unbound: Yarn Of The Forgotten”, appeared as part of the Beyond The Shutter group exhibition by Moving Image Makers Collective (MIMC) at The Haining in Selkirk.


Trilogy – Why | Lift | Revolution

Narda Azaria Dalgleish / United Kingdom / 2015 / looped /

Three short, biographical-mythical stories told to a wall. The ‘Trilogy’ explores the mystery of causality and states that arise while facing death.


I’m an Israeli-British poet, moving image and installation artist based in the Scottish Borders. I’m interested in exploring the bridge between the visible, physical world, and the invisible, metaphysical realm of meanings found within.


UChronia….Fluffed up in order to be blended

Kerry Jones / United Kingdom / 2016 / looped / World premiere

The installation is in U – Chronia – “No – time”. Film stills have been chronologically deconstructed and lifted away from their original visual intent – in effect fluffed up and blended as “…after all the colour most favoured on a Californian golf course is quite different from the muted shade popular at the weekend in Yokohama…” (from Romance Of Cashmere – Heritage Hub archive film)

Commissioned and supported by The Heritage Hub, Heart of Hawick


Kerry Jones is a multi-media artist based in Scotland (Scottish Borders) whose work incorporates: film; sound; archives; manipulated still images & site specific interactions. She works on solo projects as well as in collaboration. Her current work is interested in ideas of time travel, U-Chronia (no-time); curiosity and research; archival tangents; transformative adjustments and anachronistic insertions. Kerry is a member of Collective Nonsense and The Moving Image Makers Collective. She is also the Creative Director and workshop facilitator for community arts group Ruffled Feathers. Over the last 2 years Kerry has used moving image as part of her multi media works – her film “Virtually Non – existent” has been screened at: The Ickle Film festival, Dundee (2015); Leamington Spa Underground Film festival, Leamington Spa (2015) and the Edinburgh Artist Moving Image Festival (2015).


Having It Bricolage

Collective Nonsense / United Kingdom / 2016 / looped / UK premiere

Having It Bricolage will be an alternative museum of found and sourced moving image footage that will take the viewer on an immersive journey through rave, direct action and alternative cultures of 80′ and 90’s UK. It will be a totally DIY event.


Working in full collaboration as a production company and also as smaller collaborative groups within the whole, members of Collective Nonsense have produced a diverse range of work over the last 10 years. Immersive visual art and theatrical experiences, site specific installations, cabarets and cocktail bars, sideshows and peepshows, engaging community events, and spaces for transformation. “Supernature” : an animalistic adventure deep into the forest – a commission by Dumfries & Galloway Council, “The Rhinestone Rhino” – commission for Birmingham City Council, “Madame Bibelots” – warped Victoriana travelling circus, “Deep Vein Thrombosis” – a dance troupe, of sorts, “Gay Paris” – an ongoing commission for Beatherder Festival and now an underground mecca for the Northern gay scene, to name a few. The work focuses on celebratory events, installations, elaborate costumed performance art and innovation. All our projects are underpinned by the tenets of fun, creative excellence and sustainability. Collaboration is sporadic and mostly members share resources and skills while pursuing their own work.