Show and Tell 2018: Volunteer Edition #3: Frank


How long have you been volunteering with Alchemy?

4 years

What’s your mail role as a volunteer with Alchemy?

rinin aboot like a mad thing well no really just filling in where I can

What’s your idea of perfect happiness?

being behind a camera not in front & dancing to the tune

What’s your biggest extravagance?

buying things I don’t need

What’s your favourite thing about being an Alchemy volunteer?

meeting and seeing folks from all over the globe

What’s the most memorable film / installation / event you’ve been to at Alchemy?

my Retrospective, coming from taking and making films over a number of years

Why do you think people should get involved and volunteer with us?

you can meet and greet folks from all over the globe its also nice to be able to help in any way you can

A final word?

Alchemy what a mixture
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