Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Sandy Devers


Sandy’s Work:


About Sandy’s practice:

I’m new to filmmaking, having recently led a community heritage project, filming mostly older people, who tell stories of their home town, but despite my lack of experience, I’m often seen with a camera or a phone in my hand, capturing moving images.

Sandy’s thoughts before the residency:

The opportunity to go to Morocco was sprung on me by pure chance, when someone else pulled out, so there was limited time for pre-residency reflections, more the need to hurriedly pack a bag and grab the opportunity with both hands.

Sandy’s thoughts after the residency:

The opportunity to remove myself from the hustle-bustle of day-to-day life was a blessing. Leaving cold, dark Scotland one day and being in the wide expanses of the Moroccan Sahara the next, was an experience that I won’t forget.

I greatly value the experience of having almost a month in a friendly, creative and expansive environment. I found the collaboration between Alchemy and Cafe Tissardmine to be a truly supportive and although I was a ‘newbie’ filmmaker, I was encouraged at every turn. I also found there to be a high standard of discourse and discussion, which promoted learning and development.

Richard and the guest tutors were very supportive and participants were given the amount of direction and support in a very personalize way. I learned a lot about filmmaking, so that says a lot, but for me, the opportunity to get away to such a fantastic landscape added to the magic.

Cafe Tissardmine and its host, Karen, offer the perfect retreat location for people who seek time out to create, learn, wander and just ‘be’.