Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Laura Marie Wayne

Laura Marie:

Laura Marie’s Work:


About Laura Marie’s practice:

Laura Marie Wayne is a musician, scholar and filmmaker from Canada. She holds degrees from the University College of London (UK) and Mount Allison University (Canada). In 2014, Laura was the first Canadian to graduate from the renowned cinema school in Cuba (EICTV) and her thesis film premiered in competition at DOK Leipzig in 2015.

Laura creates in the tradition of ‘personal cinema’, drawing from her own lived experience as the primary palette with which to paint. Her work is reflective and sensorial and she begins from “where I stand”, offering a direct window into her inner, intimate world. Emergent themes include the experience of living in her body and her relationship to the natural world. Laura’s work also offers a deep meditation on life coloured by her bipolar depression, an ever-evolving experience she casts and recasts with haunting lucidity.

Laura Marie’s thoughts before the residency:

I am particularly interested in further exploring my relationship to space and the desert setting, to me, is a very mystical, mysterious landscape that will greatly inform my work in a way I have yet to explore. The desert is one of the highlights that draws me to this particular residency. In that sense, I would love to discuss the relationship between artist and place during our time together.

I am also currently working with themes of wandering and pilgrimage which would also, no doubt, lend themselves to such an experience.

And as mentioned above, I am also very keen to play more with a dance between written word and moving image.