Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Kima Zake


Kima’s Work:

About Kima’s practice:

Kima Zake is originally from Latvia, and lives in Edinburgh. She studied Interactive Media Design at Edinburgh Napier University, and continued to develop her photography skills both digital and analogue until she discovered Glitch – data bending.

“Since a lot of my work was about human nature and identity, I found Glitch to be the right medium to express the fickle process that is self discovery. What is more “human nature” if not going “against” your nature and by bending photo data I was capable to visualise it.”

Kima’s thoughts before the residency:

During the residency I hope to expand my idea about social identities, the decline of the old identities and the rise of new ones that I believe are shaping our modern society behind the scenes. My ancestors are of Koryo-Saram, a dying ethnical Korean communities forgotten at the ex-Soviet territory and tortured by Stalin and divided by borders that rose once the Communism fell. This little information plays a big part in how I feel about myself in this world and with rising refugee crisis, I believe there will be more confusion about belonging, cultural and social identities. I would like to continue and look for inspiration in deserted sights and my own reaction to place so different from whatever I have been exposed to before.