SHOW AND TELL #27: Jeremy Moss

Jeremy Moss (PA/UT) is a filmmaker working in a number of intersecting and overlapping genres—including dance film, speculative essay, surrealist narrative, and film emulsion-based abstraction. His film and video work has shown at prominent international festivals and venues, including Experiments in Cinema, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Northwest Film Forum, UnionDocs, Echo Park Film Center, and Anthology Film Archive. He teaches motion picture production, history, and theory at Franklin & Marshall College. We will be hosting the World Premiere of his film Death / Destruction / Some Other Terrible Fate in our Mediating the Machineprogramme.

1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Driving and wandering in the desert.
​ ​
2. What lies at the heart of your own desire to make films?
I was raised religious and I was always intrigued (and extremely let down) by the possibility of visions. The cinema allows me to have and create visionary experiences.

3. What are the first things you do in developing a film idea in response to a subject?
I imagine limitations and a structure. I then bounce the idea around that box.

4. What’s your favourite film and why?
Bunuel’s L’age d’or. It’s funny. It’s angry. It’s political. It’s absurd. At times beautiful. It still resonates today. It’s everything. ​

5. Choose 1, 2 or 3 of your all-time favourite music tracks!
‘Tame’ by Pixies
‘Pluto’ by Bjork
‘The Mountain’ by PJ Harvey

6. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Same as the first question: the desert – specifically the Utah red rock desert. ​
Being dwarfed by bending horizons and rocky mountains that remind me that I live on a planet.