SHOW AND TELL #15: Jon Ratigan

Jon Ratigan is coming to Alchemy to present his film x=0 in our Reasons to Be Anxious, Part 3 programme. This is how he introduced himself: I am an artist and filmmaker based in South Wales, UK. My films are often about the contradictions, anxieties, routines and minutia of everyday life and how these impinge on our delicate souls. I like my films to be raw: images music and text colliding, rubbing up against each other- creating texture, resonating, playfully leaking poetry.

1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Being at Alchemy.

2. What lies at the heart of your own desire to make films?
Colliding image and sound is exciting, sometimes you find some poetry.

3. What are the first things you do in developing a film idea in response to a subject? I’m not sure I respond to subjects, for me it’s more a question of finding, uncovering; I should probably respond more.

4. What’s your favourite film and why?
Bunuel/Dali’s Un Chien Andalou, it’s so original and so outrageous for the time it was made, also Tati’s Mon Oncle, I love the scene, the look, the time.

5. Choose 1, 2 or 3 of your all-time favourite music tracks!
Bach’s Cello suites, En Mi Solea by Chicuelo, Heroes by David Bowie.

6. What is your greatest extravagance?
Flying to Alchemy, sorry planet!, my excuse is I live 5 mins from the airport but it won’t happen again.

7. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Art, music, new places/things, ideas, beauty, unfairness.

8. What is your final word?