Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Narda Dalgleish


Narda’s Work:


About Narda’s practice:

I Started moving image filmmaking in september 2014, submitting my first 28 minute, 6 channel installation to Alchemy 2015 festival. I felt driven to make films and installations thereafter and worked almost non stop till september 2016. Over this period i made about 9-10 shorts and installations, screened in festivals in the UK, Europe and the US – though my Vimeo account shows over 30 films, attempted films, exercises and trailers.

I am drawn to create impressionistic-collage- art-like-abstract look (but not exclusively) by layering and saturating, as a counterpart to a metaphysically poetic narrations.

Narda’s thoughts before the residency:

What this ‘desert residency’ invitation means to me – even as a mere possibility – is that my ‘crossroad’ state has/is, potentially taking a turn toward a new progressive direction. At the same time i hope to make a sustained effort to refrain from qualifying what might the direction or mode of this transformation be.

The desert is pregnant with meanings and metaphors for me. For me, the desert represents, more than anything, the state of emptiness required for mystical intimacy. The inter-penetration of the prime archetypes dormant in the unknown as human potential. I hope this can be made more clear to me, and become communicable not merely as a mental contextual enquiry, but also through embodied experience.

As I’m writing this, I feel immense gratitude for this opportunity already, regardless of results.