Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Laura Hindmarsh


Laura’s Work:


About Laura’s practice:

I am a visual artist working between Australia and the UK and am currently based at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire. My work is process led and often interrogates its own mechanisms of production to the point of exhaustion or collapse. My practice is interdisciplinary and performative but often takes the form of moving image (both digital and 16mm film). Through my work I attempt to question how normative epistemologies emerge by embodying, testing and layering existing modes of representation.

Laura’s thoughts before the residency:

My recent research has been looking to female artists who work with self-representation in the landscape. I have been looking to artists who depict themselves within the Australian landscape in contrast to historical landscape paintings, cinema and mythology where women are often depicted as lost, being pursued or simply vanishing in the harsh environment. This research has then extended out to include artists working internationally in a similar vein, each address their own battles with representation and patriarchal historical canons. In cinema techniques such as the cut, the fade, the dissolve and the double exposure I have begun to question how the politics of film editing intersects with the question of gender and how these editing techniques can be visible for ideological purposes.