Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Jon Ratigan


Jon’s Work:


About Jon’s practice:

After shooting a lot of film and video for others, I have, in the past few years, moved into experimental film work. I see this as an arrival at a place or approach which combines interests I have always had in painting, film and music which centre around the surreal and with cine-poetry; thematically, I have been developing two parallel working threads- firstly, exploring male anxieties and secondly, responding to ‘place’.

Jon’s thoughts before the residency:

I am currently getting more interested in producing multiscreen work with it’s inherent potential for ‘poetic collisions’ and it may be nice to continue working with this in mind during the residency. The desert landscape would possibly lend itself to exploring spacial abstraction, illusion and contradiction, issues I have touched upon previously in some of my work; it may even be nice to shoot some anaglyph 3D video. Also, though I have done a little hand-processing of Super8 film, it would be interesting to take this opportunity to do more, perhaps using ‘alternative’ chemistries. But, I am very open to taking on board new approaches and exploring new possibilities, to allowing my work to evolve.