Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Jessie Growden


Jessie’s Work:


About Jessie’s practice:

I started making experimental films in 2014, with the SBCFI run by Alchemy, and worked over that winter into 2015 on my first film, Forest. Since then, I’ve continued as a member of the Moving Image Makers Collective, based in the Borders, working both collaboratively and on solo projects on installations and screenings. My most recent work, Swings and Roundabouts was shown as an installation at Alchemy 2017. I like to make use of small cameras to create physical and visceral images that can get into the nooks and crannies of a place.

Jessie’s thoughts before the residency:

I think I’m open to ideas, and hope that in Morocco I can find inspiration, and follow ideas that occur, however the thing I’m thinking about at the moment is water.
I’ve used the weather through all my work, and I want to explore the line between air and water. Is it just the top layer that’s wet? What lies beneath, and how does the scarcity of it make a difference to perceptions of it so close to the Sahara? It’s life, but it’s also drowning, and I’m curious. Having recently seen my partner’s grandmother seemingly straddle the gap between life and death, I’m intrigued, and want to see if I can draw parallels between that experience, my experience, and the physicalities of a line that’s constantly moving.