Beverley Cornwell | On Exhibit
Thu 27 July, and Sat 29th July 2017
Opening Hours: Thu 12-6pm and Sat 10am-4pm
Alchemy Film & Arts, 39-41a High Street, Hawick, TD9 9BU

‘On Exhibit’ is a compilation of short films by Beverley Cornwell that explores themes that emerge when looking at exhibited animals as objects and art, and investigates the way we share our spaces with animals in museums, zoos, and art galleries.

Preferring to use an observational style with strong compositions to sample snippets of unintentional behaviour, Cornwell focuses in on areas that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. From an air conditioning breeze that gives life to natural history exhibits or the repetitive dance of pigeons on an art gallery roof, Cornwell draws attention to the way we look at others and mediate what we see through the eyes of a camera.


Running order:

  1. Tap Tap Lion (01:52)
  2. On Safari (02:36)
  3. Graffiti Ants 1 (0:26)
  4. Volitant: Woodland and Coast (02:58)
  5. Dance, Penguins (01:19)
  6. Tiptoe (01:46)
  7. Embrace (03:57)
  8. Graffiti Ants 2 (0:29)
  9. Empty Enclosure 1 (02:56)
  10. Empty Enclosure 2 (03:41)
  11. Graffiti Spider (0:15)
  12. Surfing the Web (01:02)