2013 Residency Participants: Samantha Rebello


Samantha’s Work:

About Samantha’s practice:

In my work I have been interested in thinking through film. The possibility of an opening up of perception through a rendering of the known as unknown through altering the observational ‘position’ of an audience. The isolation of objects in order to make them strange, making their context unknown in order to ‘see’ them. The apparent displacement of objects through that which Zizek defines as a Parallax view.

The process of experiencing / reading the images- and the mutable space between the film and the viewer- is what my work has been interested in exploring. Meaning appears and disappears, and the films exist in their rhythms, intensities and signification where one is unable to part one from another.

Samantha Rebello is an artist and musician working in sound and film. Her work has been shown internationally at film festivals and galleries including the New York Film Festival, the London Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival,Edinburgh Film Festival, Serpentine Gallery, the Whitechapel Gallery and
at the Centre of Contemporary Culture Barcelona.

How Samantha might use the residency:

During the residency I would like for the first time in my filmmaking practice to focus on landscape (from a perspective close to the ground). The grassland and sky. The texture of the landscape, weathered grass and stone. Birds and sheep. Beasts. The sound of different parts of the valley.

The film I am working on at present (To Cut A Limb When The Moon Is Rising In The Sign Of That Which Governs It Is A Terrible Thing) engages with Medieval ideas to do with the microcosm and macrocosm and contemporary images of bodies and planets, finding poetic links between ideas about the elements and organic processes. It is a film about the human body and the cosmos.
It has been two years in the making with a conceptual structure based on a lot of reading a research in addition to filming.

In contrast I would like for the residency to allow for a film to come about from the experience of being in the valley. An organic process within the time period of the residency.