2013 Residency Participants: Melanie Dutton


Melanie’s Work:


About Melanie’s practice:

I use video, print, sound and digital media to explore spaces, induce perceptions of personality and play with audience engagement. My recent work includes moving plants, a cat called Romeo and some talking elevators.

Recently, I have been making videos which are easy to ignore. I record things that are familiar to me, but that through a subtle change have become unsettling or otherwise alien. When creating work I keep in mind my daily interaction with broadcast media. I am interested in the way that television and radio can seep into the periphery of our senses, causing us to involuntarily memorise adverts, slogans, idents and jingles.

How Melanie might use the residency:

My recent work includes footage of natural environments under unnatural lighting conditions. Due to the location of the residency, I feel it would be the perfect opportunity to develop this particular strand of my art practice. October is a particularly interesting time of year for me due to the quickly changing light levels. Around this time of year I often become preoccupied with recording and capturing the diminishing light and how it effects my surroundings. In a remote location with little light pollution I think I could investigate this in a new and exciting way.