12.10pm – 1.40pm

The Remembered Film

Vicki Thornton / United Kingdom / 2013 / 00:24:43 / Scottish Premiere

A double portrait of the striking Château-de-Sacy and its owner, Hermine Demoriane — a singer, writer, performance artist and former tightrope walker.


Vicki Thornton is an artist filmmaker. Her work explores the role of perception, cinematic memory and visual pleasure in the creation of open or subjective narratives. Recent exhibitions and screenings include ‘The Best Scene is Off-Screen, Scene Four: Home’, Flat Time House, London; ‘Bohemia Club’, St Leonards-on-Sea; ‘British Swiss’, 2 Balfron Tower, London and the ‘One Hundred Foot ‘touring programme of artists’ 16mm film works. Vicki graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2011.

Solitary Acts #5

Nazli Dincel / United States / 2015 / 00:05:25 /

The filmmaker films herself practice kissing with a mirror. She recalls teenage memories of overconsumption, confusing oral fixations that are both sexual (kissing) and bodily (eating). She ends up eating the carrot she is masturbating with, and thus feels a sense of cannibalism.



Kelly Gallagher / United States / 2015 / 00:17:38 / European premiere

To make the leap from ally to accomplice takes risk, and the will to do whatever it takes.


Kelly Gallagher is an experimental animator, filmmaker, and professor currently based in Ohio. Her theoretical work explores the radical political possibilities of experimental animation. Her films have been translated and screened internationally in film festivals, museums, and universities including: Ann Arbor Film Festival, Experiments in Cinema, Anthology Film Archives, ICA Artists’ Film Biennial, Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris, London’s Hackney Picturehouse, Berlin Mobile Kino, and the Lucca Film Festival.


Kristina Paustian / Germany / 2016 / 00:10:00 / Scottish Premiere

Positions shows uniformed, armed women in a pose of defence. The real action is dislocated outside the visible region, so that one can only guess what happens in the protagonists’ field of vision.
The work is a study of the role assignments and their fulfilment.


Kristina Paustian, born 1985 in Omsk, Russia. 2003 she moved to Germany to study at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She worked as a director of photography and editor for other artists before starting out as a video artist herself.
In her art she always tries to find and preserve a particular human constant into cinematographic forms. This constant (if there is any) goes far beyond language barriers, geographical borders, collective and social concepts or political structures.
Her works are part of the international film festivals and exhibition.


Jon Ratigan / Wales / 2014 / 00:04:12 / Scottish Premiere

A masked, unemployed man reflects on his hopeless failure to find work and seems only to find solace in fragmented memories which struggle to assert themselves.


I am an artist and filmmaker based in South Wales, UK.
My films are often about the contradictions, anxieties, routines and minutia of everyday life- how these impinge on our delicate souls. I like my films to be raw- images music and text colliding, rubbing up against each other creating texture, resonating, playfully leaking poetry.

Will I Scatter Away?

Emma Penaz Eisner / United States / 2015 / 00:05:32 / Scottish Premiere

Danger threatens a man seeking himself in a dream-like landscape. Young filmmaker Emma Penaz Eisner created this award-winning, surrealistic thriller about a man’s encounter with menace and desperation. With live action sequences shot in San Francisco and its surrounding locales, the film also contains experimental stop motion animation using time-lapse photography, multimedia artwork, and cut-outs. A dissonant original soundtrack punctuates the unsettling imagery.


Emma Penaz Eisner is a young filmmaker and artist from San Francisco, CA. In the past three years she has created critically-acclaimed short films that have screened worldwide at over 70 international film festivals and earned 30 awards. Her work is in stop motion animation, live action combined with animation, and experimental filmmaking.

Glitch Maternal

Sophie Collier / United Kingdom / 2015 / 00:08:45 / Scottish Premiere

Glitch Maternal is an experimental artists’ film inspired by mischief, danger, magic, metamorphosis, and a sense of divination.


Sophie Collier is an artist-filmmaker currently based in London. Her films screen internationally, and are created independently for both the big screen and fine art installation. She began making films in 2000, whilst studying at the Ruskin school of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford. In 2015, she graduated from the Royal College of Art, London, with an MA in Sculpture/Moving Image. She has collaborated with a number of organisations in the UK, including South Hill Park Arts Centre, and the University of Oxford Media Production Unit.

Select shows and festivals include ‘Automated’, Zona de Desgaste, Mexico City; ‘Filmideo’, Index Art Centre, New York; ‘Toride International Video Projections’, Japan; ‘STIFF Film Festival’, Croatia; ‘Latching Firm’, Camden Arts Centre, London; ‘RCA Flux’, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai International Art Fair; ‘System of Objects’, Departure Gallery, London and ‘Beck’s Futures Exhibition’, ICA, London.