Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival



12 noon

Janis Crystal Lipzin, Shambhavi Kaul, Rainer Gamsjäger, Steven Ball, Semiconductor, Richard Ashrowan, Emily Richardson, Tomonari Nishikawa, Elke Groen, Naomi Uman.

Rainer Gamsjager State of Flux

Landscape in transformation – the image as a transforming and transformational space, where time and representation are questioned, made uncertain, meanings augmented or shattered. Often involving processes of manual manipulation – in the darkroom, digitally and temporally, with film, video and still images, a multi-layered experience of global landscapes. A journey through the Australian desert, augmented images of vegetation, the crushed pixels of water movement, the salt fields of the Central Kutch in India, the Scottish Borderlands, a Ukrainian calendar, the Austrian Alps, a park in Bangkok, the sun’s trajectory, to the mist shrouded landscape of Orford Ness.

View the full Transforming Landscape programme here.

£3, Heart of Hawick – Tower Mill

Amy Hardie / UK 2009 / 12A / Documentary, plus Q&A

Amy Hardy The Edge of Dreaming

Amy Hardie dreamed of a death, and it happened. When another dream then prophesied her own imminent demise, she was understandably concerned: did her subconscious know something she didn’t? A poetic, personal project, some nine years in the gestation, this film explores humanity’s relationship with dreams, death and destiny, via Hardie’s own scientific and emotional quest for answers. Best of Fest at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival and winner of the special ‘Mirror’ contest at Kiev International Film Festival. Filmed in the Scottish Borders.

There will be a special audience Question and Answer session with Amy Hardie after the screening

HYMN TO THE ROAD will be shown before The Edge of Dreaming

Catriona Taylor Hymn to the Road

Artist Catriona Taylor, who has exhibited widely across the Borders, Dumfriesshire and Edinburgh, was a recipient of a recent CABN/Creative Scotland Visual Artists Award to film the drove road from horseback. Catriona rode a sixty mile stretch of the cross borders Drove Road capturing footage from a horse’s eye view. Working with editor Cristina Ertze she has produced a multi-layered seven minute film.

£3, Heart of Hawick – Tower Mill

Marc Forster / USA 2007 / 2h8m / 12A
Little Theatre Film Club Screening

English, Dari, Pashtu, Urdu and Russian with English subtitles. – Contains strong language and infrequent strong violence.
Cast: Khalid Abdalla, Ehsan Aman, Vsevolod Bardashev, Ismail Bashey, Larry Brown.

Kite Runner

A moving morality tale of friendship and betrayal, set against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s tumultuous politics, past and present. Life is good before the Soviet invasion in 1979, especially for young Amir, whose father is a wealthy merchant. Amir’s best friend is their servant’s son Hassan, a minority Sh’ia Muslim, but Amir fails to stand by his friend when he is attacked. The episode haunts him for years, even after emigrating to America.

£3, Hawick Film & Video Group Cinema, 8 Croft Road, Hawick TD9 9RD


Sat 11 & Sun 12 September 10am-4.30pm
Richard Ashrowan / UK 2010 / Installation

Richard Ashrowan Alchemist

Alchemist was produced by artist Richard Ashrowan in collaboration with performance artists Alastair MacLennan and Sandra Johnston. It explores the transformative qualities of the landscape through alchemy, situated in a sense of the uncanny, the seen, the felt and the imagined. Filmed in the Scottish Borders, the work explores an alchemical and pre-scientific sense of transformative engagement with landscape and the elements. The work draws on the the works of the 12th century Scottish alchemist, astrologer, mathematician and magician Michael Scot. Dual screen projection with two large scale black mirrors, one hour in duration as an installation.
Supported by a CABN/Creative Scotland Visual Artists Award.

Free, Heart of Hawick – Tower Mill

Fri 10 & Sat 11 September 10am-4.30pm
Sun 12 September 12 noon-3pm
Rocio Jungenfeld / UK 2010 / Installation

Rocio Jungenfeld Weaving the Towerhouse

A site-specific installation by artist Rocio Jungenfeld, created in collaboration with Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival. This installation seeks to investigate the relationship between the landscape of the Scottish Borders and the textile tradition of Hawick. The installation will transport the visitor to an interior natural space, a soft and malleable landscape. Video projections, mirrors, wool threads and sound will create a fragile and tactile experience; this piece will transform the exhibition space into a place for the introspection of the self.

Free, Heart of Hawick – Borders Textile Towerhouse

Fri 10 & Sat 11 September 10am-4.30pm
Sun 12 September 12 noon-3pm
Pat Law / UK 2009 / Installation

Pat Law Voyage

An installation by artist Pat Law, from Heriot Toun Studio. A response to the project 7 short sails where over 50 artists contributed to a theme which evolved as it was passed on in the form of a Chinese whisper. Housed within a bronze compass binnacle borrowed from the Loch Fyne Skiff Kirsty.
Supported by a CABN/Creative Scotland Visual Artists Award.

Free, Heart of Hawick – Borders Textile Towerhouse


Submissions are now officially closed, but please do contact us if you think you might have something we should not miss. We cannot guarantee to review late submissions.

This year's Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival will be exploring landscape and the four elements: earth, air, fire and water, whether interpreted literally, metaphorically or catastrophically.

The deadline for submissions was 10 June 2011


Friday 10th September 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010

Sunday 12th September 2010

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