Try our unique Sunday morning Film Walk, or see the animation and workshop screenings by local young people. On Saturday night there’s an unmissable live media art performance by Edinburgh’s video LaB …

William Johnstone Film Walk

Films by Suzanne Nield (UK 1973), Steve Clark Hall (UK 1975), talk by Ken Duffy and Alex Hamilton.

Running time: 04:00:00


A 40m screening plus coach journey, walk, talk and discussion.

Join us on a coach journey to the remote Ettrick Valley for a film-walk in archetypal Borders countryside. We will walk past the now derelict former home of William Johnstone, one of the Scottish Border’s most celebrated and critically important artists. Arriving at Over Phawhope bothy, nestled in the very landscape that inspired so much of his work, there will be a special battery powered screening of extracts from two important films made about William Johnstone - A Point in Time (Dir. Suzanne Nield, 1973) and I See The Image (Dir. Steve Clark-Hall, 1975)

Ken Duffy, the former Director of Edinburgh Printmakers who worked with Johnstone on several projects, will be present for a discussion of his printmaking methods, with artist Alex Hamilton.

This is a four hour trip, involving one hour of walking. Waterproofs and boots are advised. Please bring your own food and refreshments. Coach places are strictly limited, so early advance booking is strongly advisable.


See The Scottish Gallery for further information on William Johnstone.

Artist's Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Johnstone_(artist)

Venue: Meeting place: Hawick Common Haugh Car Park
Screening date: Sunday 28th October
Screening time: 9.00am
Tickets: £4

Digital Jungle Boogie

Mettje Hunneman, video LaB and special guests

Running time: 01:00:00


video LaB presents an experimental live jam of punk-poetry, improvised music and immersive, site-specific video art, which sees the café space become a digital jungle. The familiar outline of the café will be transformed into digital lines and shapes, and triggered by live sound to traverse this new, virtual landscape. video LaB is a project by Mettje Hunneman, a prolific video artist hailing from Amsterdam’s dynamic VJ scene.

Special guests include:
Punk Poet : Rodney Relax
Beats musician: Martin O'Donnell
Sampler: Pete McConville
Accordian: Daniel Dumnov
Violin: Tim Ghost
Alt Sax: Leon Wright
Drummer: Cammy Sinclair
Visual design : Mettje Hunneman/Video LaB


See website below.

Artist's Website: http://www.videolabstudio.co.uk/

Venue: Beanscene cafe, Tower Mill - Heart of Hawick
Screening date: Saturday 27th October
Screening time: 9.30pm
Tickets: Free entry

Animated Alchemy / Marshness

Children of Hawick Schools and Rowlands (Selkirk), Jenna Agate, James Wyness and Ronnie Johnston

Running time: 01:00:00


A special Schools and Youth Workshop Screening.

In Animated Alchemy, children from different Hawick schools came together to create an animation film based on the festival theme of ‘Traversing the Wild’. The finished film will receive a world premiere today, in front of an audience from schools in the area.

The second film, Marshness, is a site specific film/performance made in the Ettrick Marshes by young people from Selkirk, with choreographer Jenna Agate, sound artist James Wyness and filmmaker Ronnie Johnston.


Jenna Agate: http://www.thestudioonthegreen.com/
James Wyness: http://www.wyness.org/

Artist's Website: http://rowlands-selkirk.org.uk/

Venue: Tower Mill - Heart of Hawick
Screening date: Friday 26th October
Screening time: 1pm
Tickets: By advance application to the box office.