Experimental film is an organic, alchemical substance in itself. To make a film you need light, energy, salts and minerals, running water, darkness, acid, heat and wind. The films in this programme express their own materiality. They are cries in the dark, trying to connect their ethereal content with the raw rocky substance of which they are born. Light and airy, heavy and weathered, let them wash over you like the tide. They will awaken your inner yearnings as they fall to dust before your very eyes.

This selection of mainly 16mm films is specially curated for Alchemy by Pip Chodorov, an American experimental filmmaker and film activist. Pip will introduce the films and participate in an audience Q&A after the screening.

The programme includes:
16mm Fire of Waters, Stan Brakhage, 1965, 6′
16mm Wind Water Wings, Barbara Klutinis, 1995, 22′
16mm Moonstreams, Mary Beth Reed, 2000, 6′
35mm Battements Solaires, Patrick Bokanowski, 2008, 18′
HD Uishet, Jacques Perconte, 2007, 13′

The Elementals: Serious Light programme has been selected for Alchemy by Pip Chodorov, an experimental filmmaker with over 30 short films to his credit. His recent works includes the feature length Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2011). Pip was born in 1965 in New York. Filmmaking and music composition since 1972. Studied cognitive science at the University of Rochester, NY and film semiotics at the University of Paris, France. Work in film distribution – previously Orion Classics, NYC; UGC, Paris; Light Cone, Paris; and, currently, Re:Voir Video, Paris, which he founded in 1994 (www.re-voir.com) and The Film Gallery, the first art gallery devoted excusively to experimental film (www.re-voir.com/gallery). He is also co-founder of L’Abominable, a cooperative do-it-yourself film lab in Paris, and the moderator of the internet-based forum on experimental film, FrameWorks.

Curator’s website: http://www.re-voir.com

Directed by: Pip Chodorov (USA), Stan Brakhage (USA), Barbara Klutinis (USA), Mary Beth Reed (USA), Patrick Bokanowski (France), Jacques Perconte (France).
Films from 1965 to 2008
Countries: United States and France

Sunday October 23, 15:00, Tower Mill
Running time: 01:05:00
Tickets: £4