Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Lin Li


Lin’s Work:


About Lin’s practice:

I have been making moving image work since 2011. Created using a DSLR camera, my films are mostly short meditative pieces covering various themes such as the ephemeral elements of nature, the idea of peace and transience as an existential essence. I have also made films with a documentary element which involves interviews with other people, such as Above us, the Sky which I completed in 2015 with the support of Creative Scotland. It is likely that I will continue to embrace both the contemplative and the documenting approach in my work, and seek to find a balance between them.

Lin’s thoughts before the residency:

Apart from developing a new film, I am open-minded about what I would learn from the residency. There are certain topics which I am particularly interested in such as making moving image work (digitally or using celluloid films) without the use of a camera, filmic representation of stream of consciousness and experimental documentary film-making.