Film & Moving Image Residencies 2017: Jane Houston Green


Jane’s Work:


About Jane’s practice:

I Joined Moving Image Makers Collective in 2015 and made my first short film in 2016. I’ve Now had films included in the Alchemy Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival and British Council Shakespeare Lives.
Capturing image, thoughts and feelings, the essential ambiance of a moment is exciting and I am finding that with a camera in my hand exploring something new, different, challenging, provoking is utterly absorbing.

Jane’s thoughts before the residency:

While I have taken footage to create further films on a number of topics, or free flowing ideas, there is a theme I would like to explore further that will focus on dance movement and shadow. Exploring this further in a desert setting would enhance my initial thinking.

Apart from time for some experimentation on this I am keen to learn anything new.

I might add that my technical bag of tricks could do with being a bit bigger not least to give me more confidence with technical necessities!